Romantic Valentine’s Day Quotes 2017

Valentine’s Day Quotes: writing catchy lines

The 14th February or the Valentine’s Day is not just another day; it is a day of immense and pure love, which is like a blooming garden for every lover in the world. It is a depiction of new hope and new morning for the lovers, which helps them in surviving all the obstacles and problems in their love lives. 

The Saint Valentine gave his life for the sake of his love and left an example for every lover and a lesson, which teaches them not to give up on the love life ever. Here is some Valentines day quote.

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The inspiring quotes

Quotes are the deep words, which help people in overcoming the tragic and uncertain situations. Also, they also help people in putting their feelings into the words, which can prove to be really inspiring for all the heartbroken lovers or for those too, who are new to this amazing world of love. Some of the quotes and their themes are discussed below.

‘I love you every day so passionately
As if ever day is a Valentine’s Day.'

In this particular quote, the writer is saying to his beloved that he does not love her only on the Valentine’s Day; also that he does not need a specific day to show his love. His everyday love for the beloved is as eternal and passionate as if daily, it is a Valentine’s Day for him.

‘If you will not become my Valentine,
I would love to hang myself on your Christmas tree.'

Both the Valentine’s Day and the Christmas celebrations are of immense importance to the Christians. Therefore, the writer chose the words ‘Valentines’ and ‘Christmas’ together in order to write away his thoughts. The writer says that if his beloved would not like to be his valentine, then he would take pride in hanging himself with her Christmas tree, rather than living and spending the rest of the life as a person who is dead from inside because of the heartbreak.

‘My heart is a garden, which only blooms
On the fourteenth of every February’

The theme of this quote is that a lover’s heart is just like a garden, which is dead for the rest of the year, except on the fourteenth February, which happens to be a Valentine’s Day. Only on the 14th February, a lover’s heart is as bright and as happy as a blooming garden on a fine day of the season spring.

A guide to a perfect Valentine’s Day message

Yes, there are certain points, which one should include in his or her love message on the Valentine’s Day. Everything on a Valentine’s Day is supposed to be perfect and fully nourished and enriched with the power of love. Try to follow the below-mentioned tips while writing the Valentines day quote.

·        Always use limited but deep words in a Valentine’s Day Message.

·       There is absolutely no need to give second thoughts to your feelings, especially on a Valentine’s Day.
·       Always use limited but deep words in a Valentine’s Day message.
·       Never play with the words, just write them away.
·       Always compliment your Valentine

·       Mention about all the positivity, which your Valentine has brought to you. 


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